Compounding is the method of preparing medications to meet each physician's and patient's specialized needs. Pharmacist, Clint Gentry, specializes in pharmaceutical compounding. Gentry Pharmacy has its own compounding lab.

Products available:

  • Liquid Preparations - Many medications can be turned from tablets into liquids. Special flavoring can be added to create a pleasant experience.
  • Creams, Ointment and Gels - These medications can be made to treat diseases of the skin or they can be the drug delivery system. The drug can pass through the skin and into the bloodstream just like you took a tablet. A wonderful advantage is that it skips the stomach and the liver which break down the medicine.
  • Lozenges, "Gummies" and Lollipops - These medications are good for children who don't like the flavor of regular medications. With just a couple of ingredient and flavoring changes, the lozenges can turn into chew treats with medication in them for your puppy.
  • Capsules - These can be made with specific combinations of medications in them to suit a patient's needs.
  • Suppositories - Although not a favorite of patients, these are sometimes a very useful way of getting medication into a patient.